Global Map data archives


Overview of Global Map

Use of geospatial information is crucial for solving various issues around the world including global environmental problems. In order to solve these diversified issues and to advance sustainable development, it is important to make fundamental geospatial information, which is necessary for these actions, easily available for everyone.

Global Map is fundamental digital geospatial information covering the whole land of the globe. It was an effort central to the Global Mapping Project. Global Map data were developed under the cooperation of National Geospatial Information Authorities (NGIAs) of respective countries and regions.

The International Steering Committee for Global Mapping (ISCGM) took the central role in conducting the Global Mapping Project to develop and provide Global Map data set with the following characteristics:

  • Fundamental geospatial information covering the whole land of the globe
  • Geospatial information developed and authorized by NGIAs of respective countries and regions around the world.
  • Digital geospatial information composed of eight layers being developed with consistent specifications
  • Freely available for download, and in case of non-commercial purposes, in principle, anyone can use the data freely.